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Impossible Opportunity

What An Opportunity!

Yes, our lives may seem difficult, yet every difficulty, every “impossibility” is an opportunity that can be handled brilliantly.

One person who faced what seemed like impossible odds was born to drug addicted parents,  who eventually died of AIDS, was hungry most of the time and did not attend school very often: when she did she was ostracized because she was dirty and wore torn clothes. It is hard to imagine a much harder childhood. She was living on the streets at 15 years of age, yet rose above it to attend Harvard on a full scholarship and has since become a motivational speaker. You can read Liz Murray’s story (Title: Breaking Night) or view it.

Many other situations have also seemed impossible. Many people still alive never thought that human beings would walk on the moon in their lifetime.  Orville and Wright had to overcome a great deal of scepticism to bring their vision of a flying machine into being.  Nowadays we take aeroplanes for granted. Even motor cars have only been around for about 120 years and were originally termed “horseless carriages”, with people believing that horse drawn transport would never disappear, whereas nowadays it is mostly for pleasure.

What is YOUR Impossible Situation?

Are you facing an impossible situation? How can you turn that into an opportunity?

Who Will Stop Me?

Sins Of Omission Or Commission?

Take control of your own life. If you want to do something, don’t wait to ask permission, do it and apologize afterwards if necessary. Provided it’s legal, ethical and moral, take responsibility for your own acts and decisions and take action. Of course, you suffer any consequences too but that’s what it means to be in control of your own life.


A sin of omission, means leaving something out, not doing it. If that’s because you didn’t “get permission”, ask yourself, who needs to give you permission? Does anyone? You’re an adult now, you don’t need to ask permission in many circumstances.

A sin of commission, is doing something that you didn’t gain permission to do. OK, in some circumstances that is wrong, you may have done something illegal, immoral or unethical but many sins of commission can be useful. While you did not get permission, you probably did not need it. And as an adult, you weighed up the risks and benefits and decided for yourself that one outweighed the other and that you were prepared for the consequences if anything went wrong.