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Planting Seeds

What Have You Planted For The Future

What did you do today that has planted seeds that will mature for you in the future?
What seeds can you plant tomorrow that will bring you a harvest in the future?

This is not living in the future but living today, and doing things today that will ensure your future “now” is all you want it to be.


Could you stop smoking or lose weight for a future harvest of health?

Do you want to improve your education? What can you do today to begin that?

Just Make A Start

The New Year is often thought of as a good time to start something new. But if you really want to do it, anytime is a good time. Starting in the New Year, however, can make you feel like you have a fresh start and that can provide a good motivational boost, especially if other friends are starting along the same path too.

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Keep Going

Keep Going, one step at a time

The Longest Journey

It begins with the first step but to complete it, you need to keep taking those steps, just one at a time

To Begin, Begin

Don’t Overthink It

If you want to begin something, just do it. Sometimes it means a fresh start, sometimes it’s starting out on something new. Sometimes, it’s taking the plunge with something difficult or brand new and you need to overcome the fear, stepping outside your comfort zone.

There was a child who liked the water and went to the swimming pool every day on her holidays. She couldn’t swim but she knew how to stay afloat and get to the side of the pool.

One day, she decided  to jump off the diving board. It was springy and great fun. So she decided to try the higher diving boards. She found that jumping off these could hurt if you didn’t go in straight!

In the meantime, the swimming pool staff had informed her relatives that she was moving about in the deep end (you couldn’t call it swimming) so she was taught to swim and then to dive. Diving started on the side of the pool and progressed to the first diving board. Once proficient at that, she was asked to try the higher board. She had jumped from that one previously before she learnt to swim and was now wary, even though she knew how to dive and to swim.


She stood on the edge of that diving board trying to gather her courage to begin the swoop, head first into the water ten feet below. It was cold in a wet swimming costume and she shivered in the breeze. She was about to turn and climb back down again when she glanced over the edge of the swimming pool wall to the street outside to see a family waiting at a bus stop watching her.

At that point, pride took over. No one was gong to see her fail and she just did it. No thinking, no preparation, no worrying. The practice took over and she entered the water with no painful thump, just cut it cleanly.

Sometimes you just do it. To begin, begin.

The Best Advice

The Best Advice

Don’t give advice but if you do, this is the best advice ever given. You can only start where you are. Not like the man who, when asked for directions to a distant large town said, “Well if I were going there, I wouldn’t start from here!” Here and now is the only place we ever have. We can’t start yesterday, even if that would have been the best option. And we cannot start tomorrow, because, “tomorrow never comes”, by the time we get there, it’s today and the here and now.


Use what you have? Do what you can? We all have different talents. What I can do, may be hard for you and what you can do may seem impossible to me. But we can all succeed in our own ways, by using what we have and can do.